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Sri Gayatri Tapobhoomi

There are lot of temples in and surrounding states of Karnataka. But there is no match to the "Gayatri Tapobhoomi" built in Karnataka. The "Gayatri Tapobhoomi" is a beautifully built temple with a more beautiful "Gayatri Goddess" inside. It is said that the people who have strong will about their Sankalpa are blessed by the "Gayatri Goddess". The "Gayatri Tapobhoomi" is developed by the people with determined soul and lot of good deeds made by them in their previous births.

"Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya" had a strong belief about "Shri Guru Krishnendra Swamy" and he also believed that Shri Guru Krishnendra Swamy is alive in his Brindavan(Samadhi).This belief did not go wrong and Shri Krishnendra Swamy was always there for him in every step of his life.

Once "Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya" decided to perform penance as he found his guru "Shri Krishnendra Swamy". He started chanting "Gayatri Mantra" for one crore times. Because of the power of that came from chanting of ‘Gayatri Mantra’ people started coming to Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya for keeping their problems before him and asking for a solution.

At that moment the followers of "Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya" thought that there should be a place for the guru to meet the people to solve their problems. So they started searching for a good place.

After a little while two places were selected, one at the “chabbi cross” and another at the “Tadasa cross” near Hubli. But the site near “Tadasa cross” were liked by every one and it was decided that the site would be taken in the name of "Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya"

When they met the land owner he said that the land was of no use for him. He also said that a saint in his family once said that his land will be useful for some great person, so he was willing to sell that land.

Guruji started thinking about the money for the purchase of land. Then one of the followers of the "Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya", D.Mallar Bhatt said that there was no need to think about the money and he is ready to put some money for that land. He gave Rs.5000 at the beginning.

After all the works were completed a site of 1acre and 30 guntas area was purchased from shri SannaSiddappa of Ramanakoppa village, Kundagola Taluk on 31/5/1993 in the name of "Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya". This area belongs to Muttuhalli and it is a junction of four cities Hubli, Shigoan.

After the purchase of the land all the followers put a hut in the place, and started the work of the “Gayatri Tapobhoomi”.But at first the works went very slowly. Mr. Jagannatha Raya and Ashok Kumar who were famous for their Vaastu Shastra were called upon to check the bore well point and they saw a big pit at that place. They suggested closing the pit first and then continuing with the work. It was a miracle. After the pit was closed the work went fastened.

The place was divided into 9 parts in the name of "Navagrahas" and in each part one god of ‘Navagraha’ was placed and above then the foundation was made. First the work started from 3 corners. All the followers of Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya participated in the works with enthusiasm. When the roofing of the temple started some workers did not come to the work and the work was stopped. But at that time all the followers of "Shri Guru Vallabha Chaitanya" put a hand in the work and gave their small contribution to the temple.