Sri Balakrishnananda Saraswati (Vallabha Chaitanya Maharaj) did Tapas for many long years and His life mission was to spread the importance of Gayathri Mantra. In pursuance of His mission, He planned 24 Koti Gayatri Mahayajna and conducted these Yajnas at 23 places across the country. He established Sri Gayatri Tapobhoomi at Tadasa, near Hubli.

When we start meditating on the Supreme Being within ourselves, we will get divinized without our knowledge and start evolving ourselves. Our falsehood will fade away naturally. Our Conscious expands in a bigger dimension and start feeling and experiencing the glorious presence of the Supreme Being in each and everything in this Universe. When we reach this stage of evolution, we start acknowledging the Supreme Being with the salutation of “Namosthu Ananthaya, Sahasra Murthaye, Sahasra Paadakshi, Shiroru Bhahuve, Sahasra namne, Purushaya, Shashwathe Sahasra Koti Yughadharine Namaha”and “Vaasunath Vaasudevasya, Vaasithanthe Jagathrayam, SarvaBhootha Nivaasosi, Vaasudeva Nomosthuthe“. And when we progress in our Inner Journey, we will come to know the significance of “Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma”. This inner Journey has no end…. In every progress, we will be expanding our conscious and one fine day we will be the “Entire Universe” or “Brihatmann” as we will reach the transcendental state of seeing the entire Universe inside us and identifying and seeing ourselves in each and everything of this Universe. This translates to “Aham Brahmasmi” status.

Since the mankind has forgotten this very root of their existence, they are in the world of Illusion -Maaya which is deluding and has become the reason for all the sufferings of the entire mankind. This ignorance has created a vicious circle where we are invading on ourselves and destroying ourselves and the environment. Till we realize the truth we continue to suffer ourselves for ages. This is nothing but the biggest social stigma.

With this understanding, It has become imperative to the organization to Inculcate, Spread, Cascade and reinforce the significance and importance of the Human Values and self-realization(God Realization) through Spirituality, Vedic Science, Education, Social Service, etc. and do all the sincere efforts to align the Human beings with their Inner Self / Divinity / Nature / Life force whereby they can deeply root themselves with their original source of very Existence which drives them to have the "Balanced Existence "with which every Human being is assisted and guided to lead a very Harmonious, Peaceful, Helpful, Joyful, Abundandant, Healthy and evolving life unconditionally. When we gain this knowledge, the inner Divine Light dispels the Darkness of Ignorance which is the social stigma for all the sufferings which we are experiencing and undergoing day in and day out. This resonates to “Asathoma Sadgamaya, Thamasoma Jyotirgamaya, Mrithyorma Amrithamgamaya”

This process brings about the holistic change internally to the entire mankind to feel as “Vasudaiva Kutambakam“–meaning “Whole World Is One Family” as all the beings are the children of the same Existence or Supreme lord but manifesting in different forms, color, cast, religion, Nationality, Race, Space, time etc.

With this realization, the social stigma of Disparity, Hatredness, Animosity, Mass destruction etc.may be minimized or curtailed or eradicated as you start evolving, you will start loving Yourself, Respecting Yourself, Treating Yourself, Serving Yourself and will start cascading the same to all the beings of this universe…